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Atrium - Full Kit
This item is a kit of all of the pieces you need to build the Atirum.  This includes: The back of the Atrium (2 pieces) All of the structure (11 pieces) The vellum for the glass All of the atrium faces. (10 pieces) This item does NOT include the Tower.  Check the related items to find the tower kit. This item requires some light trimming and sanding.  Painting and Assembly is required.
Fencing - Full Kit
This item includes everything you need to complete the fencing for the Mansion Style Advent House.  This item includes: Fencing Pickets (7 pieces) Fencing Beams (to cover magnets) 32 Magnets (for attaching to the Advent House) This item is Unfinished.  Some light sanding and trimming may be required.  Painting & Assembly is required.    
Full Mansion Kit
MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION!  GET THIS NOW! Due to the recent redesign and assembly methods we have put in place, we are now able to offer this Full Mansion Kit at an Extrordinary Price!  Don't miss out on getting your Christmas Advent House this year!  At this price - you can't afford to wait any logner! Recently Remodeled, Simplified, Easier and Faster!  Now build this kit in only 2 Weekends!  Have your Advent House up and on Full Display Fast!  Spend a littl
$499.99 $449.99
Mansion Structure
This item contains all of the 'structure' of the Mansion Style Advent House, everything cut from 1/4" MDF Wood.  Get an early start on building your Advent House this year.  Start with this easy to assemble Full Structure.  Estimated 2-3 total hours from Box Open to Assembled Structure. This item includes: The floor and flat roof (6 pieces) All of the Main Walls (7 pieces) Back Pieces (6 pieces) Roof Soffits (5 pieces) All the roof pieces (7 pieces)
Side Windows (single set)
This item includes windows to add to the side of your Advent House for additional details if desired.  This item is NOT required to complete the Advent House, but many people like to add a few extra windows to the side.  This item includes: 2 Large Windows 4 Small Windows 2 Dormer Extension Sets Each of these windows comes with everything you'll need to make the extra window.  You can either cut new holes in the sides of the Advent House walls (if you want light to
Single Window Kit
This is the Window Kit item.  This item includes everything you need to build One Single Window.  This includes: 2 Pre-Drilled Frames 1 Backer 1 Pre-Drilled Shutter 1 Sill 2 Hinges 1 Keystone 1 Window Pull Vellum This item requires some light trimming and sanding.  This item is unfinished and requires assembly. Choose the size of window you want, and enter the quantity of windows.  The standard Mansion Kit has 6 Large Windows, 6 Medium Windows
Tower - Full Kit
This item includes everything you need to build the Atrium Tower. This item includes: The Tower Frame The Tower Faces Tthe Tower Vellum The Cuppola (Half Ball) tower Top The Tower Trim The Spire This item requires light trimming and sanding.  This item requires assembly.
Window Kit - Full Mansion Set
This item is ALL of the parts you need to build ALL of the Windows (24) for the Full Mansion Kit.  This item comes with the following items, ready for light trimming/sanding, painting and then assembly/finish: Window Frames (1 for each window): 12 Small 6 Medium 6 Large Window Shutters (1 for each window): 12 Small 6 Medium 6 Large Window Sills 12 Narrow 12 Wide Dormer Extensions: 18 Dormer Walls (2 for each
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