About Us

AdventHousePlans.com provides high quality construction plans, parts and kits for Advent Houses.

AdventHousePlans.com comes from our desire to fill the need of those who do not want to pay for a prebuilt Advent House.  For those of us with keen woodworking skills, with craft skills and who like to work with their hands, we would prefer to build our Advent House with Advent House Plans or Advent House Kits rather than purchase one.

By providing these plans, We hope to make it possible for anyone to build their own Advent House and be free to customize it to their own desires and tastes.

The plans you receive from AdventHousePlans.com are complete in the details you need to build your Advent House, including dimensions, suggested building materials, tips and tricks and more.  You can expect the build process to take about 200 hours, depending on your woodworking and craft abilities and depending on the quality of craftmanship you want to put into your Advent House.

We also offer precision cut Advent House Kits to make building your Advent House even easier.  Choose from the Full Mansion Kit and get everything you need, or go with individual kits like the Main Structure Kit, the Atrium Kit, or pick up the Window Kit.

We welcome questions and always answer emails as quickly as possible.  Click on 'Contact' in the navigation above to find contact information.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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